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Welcome to the temporary home of the family MacArthur. Anyone interested in all things MacArthur is encouraged to contact us. Our organization is the MacArthur Society of the USA, a Branch of Clan Arthur (Scotland). Our official Clan/Society website is Visit the site for clan history, information, and audio/print articles. (Dr. Russ McArthur-webmaster)


Faith McArthur’s Scottish Clan Network Web Radio interviews:
Sir. Jamie McGrigor, Scottish Parliament, the “Tartan Registry” Bill.
Rev. Michael MacInnes, St. Columba of Glasgow, "The Future of Gaelic in Scotland".

The Lord's Prayer in Scots Gaelic.
The Bed of the Loch Awe MacArthur Chief in the Inveraray Castle.
Clan Arthur and MacArthur Society Piping Videos.
Ardkinglas, The Historic Loch Fynne Argyll Movie Star Mansion.
Loch Inch and Castle Kennedy Gardens.

Visit master piper Peter McArthur’s site or see his piping videos on

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